Bosch washing machines offer a wide range of programs to cater to all your laundry needs. Understanding what each program does can help you select the right settings for optimal cleaning results. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the various Bosch washing machine programs available in 2024.

1. Cottons Program

The Cottons program is designed for washing durable, heat-resistant fabrics made of cotton or linen. It is the most efficient program for cleaning normally soiled cotton fabrics. You can select temperatures ranging from cold to 90°C and spin speeds up to 1400 rpm, depending on your model. For heavily soiled items, you can add a Prewash cycle.

2. Easy Care Program

The Easy Care program is suitable for textiles made of synthetic or blended fabrics like polyester and rayon. It uses gentler wash actions compared to the Cottons program. Temperatures can be set from cold to 60°C with spin speeds up to 1200 rpm. The Easy Care program helps reduce wrinkling in synthetic fabrics.

3. Mixed Load Program

The Mixed Load program allows you to wash a combination of cottons and synthetics together in one load. It’s a convenient option when you have a smaller load with mixed fabric types. This program uses a medium temperature range and spin speed to care for the different textiles.

4. Delicate/Silk Program

For washing delicate, washable fabrics like silk, satin, synthetics or blended fabrics, use the Delicate/Silk program. This very gentle cycle helps protect fine textiles from damage. Temperatures range from cold to 40°C with a reduced spin speed of up to 800 rpm. Use a detergent designed for delicates with this program.

5. Wool Program

The Wool program is specially designed for hand or machine-washable wool and rich-wool textiles. It uses an extra gentle wash action with longer pauses to prevent felting and shrinkage. Temperatures are limited to 40°C with spin speeds up to 800 rpm Always use a wool-safe detergent with this cycle.

6. Super Quick 15’/30′ Program

When you need to quickly wash a small load of lightly soiled laundry, the Super Quick 15′ or 30′ program is the ideal choice. This extra short cycle takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Load sizes are limited to 2-3.5 kg with temperatures up to 40°C. It’s perfect for freshening up clothes in a hurry.

7. Rinse/Spin Program

The Rinse/Spin program gives your laundry an extra rinse cycle followed by a spin. You can use it to rinse hand-washed items, refresh clothes, or remove excess detergent residue. Activate the Water Plus/Rinse Plus option for additional rinses. To only spin without rinsing, deactivate the Water Plus setting.

8. Prewash Option

For heavily soiled laundry, you can add a Prewash cycle to the Cottons or Easy Care programs. The Prewash takes place before the main wash at a low temperature. If using this option, add detergent to both the prewash compartment (I) and the main wash compartment (II) of the detergent drawer.

9. Eco Perfect Setting

The Eco Perfect setting optimizes energy efficiency by reducing the wash temperature while extending the program duration. This allows you to save energy without compromising cleaning performance. Eco Perfect is available on the Cottons and Easy Care programs.

10. Speed Perfect Setting

When you’re short on time, the Speed Perfect setting can shorten the program duration on Cottons, Easy Care and Mixed Load programs. It achieves a faster wash by increasing the wash mechanics and optimizing the heating phases. The maximum load size is reduced when Speed Perfect is activated.

11. Reduced Ironing Option

The Reduced Ironing option minimizes creasing by adapting the spin cycle and speed. It leaves the laundry slightly damp at the end of the program, making ironing easier. This setting is ideal for dress shirts, blouses and mixed loads that tend to wrinkle.

12. Aqua Plus Setting

The Aqua Plus setting, also known as Water Plus or Rinse Plus, adds up to three extra rinse cycles to the program. It’s recommended for people with sensitive skin or in areas with very soft water. The additional rinses ensure thorough removal of detergent residues.

13. Rinse Hold Option

Activating the Rinse Hold option pauses the program after the final rinse, leaving the laundry soaking in the rinse water. This prevents creasing and keeps the laundry fresh if you can’t remove it from the machine right away. To finish the cycle, simply select a spin speed and press start.

14. Night Wash Program

The Night Wash program is an extra quiet cycle designed for washing during the night. It’s suitable for cottons, linens, synthetics and blended fabrics. The wash temperature can be set from cold to 40°C. The spin cycle is deactivated to reduce noise, so the laundry will be left dripping wet at the end of the program.

15. Drum Clean Program

To maintain the hygiene of your washing machine drum, Bosch recommends running the Drum Clean program regularly. This cycle cleans and cares for the drum and outer tub, removing any build-up of detergent residues and bacteria. Run it without any laundry, using washing powder or a special drum cleaning agent.

16. Allergy Plus Program

The Allergy Plus program uses a prolonged wash cycle with higher temperatures and extra rinses to effectively remove allergens from fabrics. It is certified by ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) as suitable for allergy sufferers. This program is ideal for cotton and linen textiles.

17. Sportswear Program

Designed for washing modern sportswear and leisurewear made from microfiber fabrics, the Sportswear program uses gentle wash actions and lower spin speeds. It helps retain the shape and performance features of specialty sports textiles.

18. Duvet Program

The Duvet program is intended for washing bedding items like comforters, pillows and blankets that are stuffed with synthetic fibers or down. It uses a high water level and a special spin sequence to evenly distribute the filling and prevent clumping.

19. Shirts/Blouses Program

The Shirts/Blouses program is optimized for minimizing creases in dress shirts and blouses made of cotton, synthetics or blends. It uses a gentler spin cycle and adapts the spin speed to reduce wrinkling. Hang garments immediately after the program ends for best results.

20. Drain Program

The Drain program simply drains the water from the washing machine drum without any spinning. It can be used to remove rinse water left behind after using the Rinse Hold option or to empty the machine after cancelling a program.

By familiarizing yourself with the various Bosch washing machine programs and options, you can customize each load of laundry for the best possible care. Always refer to your specific model’s user manual for detailed instructions on program usage and follow the fabric care labels on your garments. With the right cycle selections, your Bosch washer will deliver optimal cleaning performance for all your laundry needs.

Last Update: July 6, 2024