Meg DeAngelis, known to millions as MayBaby on YouTube, is a Canadian-born social media personality, actress, and content creator who has taken the internet by storm. Born on May 15, 1995, in Toronto, Canada, Meg has become a household name in the world of digital entertainment. Her rise to fame began on YouTube, where she started her channel in 2008, sharing cheerleading tutorials and lifestyle content. Over the years, Meg has transformed her online presence into a multi-faceted career, branching out into acting, producing, and even voice work for animated films. With her bubbly personality and relatable content, Meg has amassed a following of over 5 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel, MayBaby, and has expanded her influence across various social media platforms. Her journey from a cheerleader with a passion for vlogging to a successful digital entrepreneur and actress is a testament to her creativity, dedication, and ability to connect with her audience.

Meg DeAngelis Age, Birthday Place, zodiac sign

Meg DeAngelis, whose full name is Megan Nicole DeAngelis, was born on May 15, 1995, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As of 2024, she is 29 years old, having recently celebrated her birthday. Born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Meg embodies many of the traits associated with this earth sign, including determination, reliability, and a strong work ethic. These characteristics have undoubtedly contributed to her success in the competitive world of social media and entertainment. Toronto, known for its diverse culture and thriving arts scene, provided an ideal backdrop for Meg’s early years and may have influenced her creative pursuits. The bustling Canadian city, with its mix of urban energy and multicultural influences, likely played a role in shaping Meg’s worldview and her ability to connect with a global audience. Her birthplace and upbringing in Canada have remained an important part of her identity, even as her career has taken her to new heights in the United States and beyond.

Meg DeAngelis Early Life

While specific details about Meg DeAngelis’s early life are somewhat limited in the public domain, we can piece together aspects of her formative years based on available information. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Meg was likely exposed to a diverse and vibrant cultural environment from a young age. This multicultural upbringing may have contributed to her ability to connect with a wide range of audiences later in her career. As a child, Meg showed an early interest in performance and physical activities, which would later manifest in her passion for cheerleading. This interest in cheerleading became a significant part of her identity and would eventually serve as the launching pad for her online career. Meg’s childhood was likely filled with the typical experiences of a Canadian youth, balancing school, extracurricular activities, and family life. Her decision to start a YouTube channel in 2008, when she was around 13 years old, suggests that she was tech-savvy and had a natural inclination towards sharing content and connecting with others from an early age. This early adoption of social media platforms set the stage for her future success as a digital content creator.

Meg DeAngelis Education

Meg DeAngelis’s educational journey reflects her dual interests in academics and her burgeoning career as a content creator. After completing her primary and secondary education in Canada, Meg pursued higher education in the United States. She attended the University of Central Florida (UCF), where she was actively involved in the cheerleading program. This choice of university allowed her to continue her passion for cheerleading while also pursuing her academic goals. At UCF, Meg likely studied a field related to communications or media, given her growing interest in content creation and her already established presence on YouTube. However, as her online career began to take off, Meg faced a pivotal decision. In a bold move that would shape her future, she decided to leave college and her position on the cheerleading team to focus full-time on her career in Los Angeles. This decision, while risky, proved to be a turning point in her life. In an article for MTV, Meg reflected on this choice, stating that leaving college cheerleading behind for L.A. was “the best decision I could have made.” This transition from traditional education to a career in digital media and entertainment highlights Meg‘s willingness to take risks and her commitment to pursuing her passions.

Meg DeAngelis Career and Modelling Beginnings

Meg DeAngelis, also known by her online persona MayBaby, launched her career as a YouTube personality in 2008. Initially focusing on cheerleading and gymnastics videos, DeAngelis quickly gained a following for her energetic and positive content. As her channel grew, she expanded into fashion and lifestyle vlogging, becoming known for her popular “outfit of the day” videos and makeup tutorials.

DeAngelis’s cheerleading background played a significant role in her early content, as she often shared cheer routines and tips with her audience. This unique niche helped her stand out in the crowded YouTube landscape. As her popularity increased, DeAngelis branched out into acting and modeling opportunities. She starred in the YouTube Red original movie “Dance Camp” and voiced the character Moxie Dewdrop in the animated film “Trolls”.  Additionally, DeAngelis appeared in the web series “Royal Crush,” further expanding her presence beyond YouTube

Meg DeAngelis Personal Life

Born on May 15, 1995, in Toronto, Canada, Meg DeAngelis spent a significant portion of her childhood in Europe before eventually settling in Los Angeles, California to pursue her career. DeAngelis has a twin sister named Ashley, highlighting the importance of family in her life. Her parents have backgrounds in engineering, which contrasts with her own creative pursuits in the entertainment industry.

DeAngelis’s personal life has been a subject of interest for her fans, as she often shares glimpses of her daily routines and experiences through her vlogs. Her upbeat personality and positive attitude have been cited as key factors in her success as a social media influencer. DeAngelis has been open about her journey of self-confidence, often discussing her experiences with body image and personal growth in her videos. This transparency has helped her connect with her audience on a deeper level, fostering a strong sense of community among her followers.

Meg DeAngelis Engagement, Boyfriends and Children

Meg DeAngelis’s romantic life has been a topic of interest for her fans, particularly due to her openness in sharing aspects of her relationships on social media. One of her most public relationships was with singer Alex Aiono, which garnered significant attention from her followers. DeAngelis and Aiono collaborated on several videos, including popular “Boyfriend Tag” challenges and singing duets, which further increased interest in their relationship.

However, as of the most recent available information, there are no reports of Meg DeAngelis being engaged or having children. It‘s important to note that celebrities‘ personal lives can change rapidly, and DeAngelis has maintained a level of privacy regarding her current relationship status. Her focus appears to remain on her career and personal growth, as evidenced by her continued content creation and professional pursuits. DeAngelis has used her platform to discuss dating and relationships in general, often sharing advice and personal anecdotes with her audience, which has helped maintain engagement with her followers even when not in a public relationship.

Meg DeAngelis Religious and Political Views

Meg DeAngelis has generally kept her religious and political views private, focusing instead on her content creation and entertainment career. As a public figure, she has not made any widely publicized statements regarding her personal beliefs in these areas. This approach is common among social media influencers who aim to maintain a broad appeal across diverse audiences.

DeAngelis’s content primarily revolves around lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment topics, steering clear of controversial subjects that might alienate portions of her fanbase. Her videos and social media posts tend to promote positivity, self-confidence, and personal growth, which could be seen as reflective of her overall worldview. While she has participated in charitable events and promoted social causes, these activities have generally been non-partisan in nature. Without explicit statements from DeAngelis herself, it would be speculative to assign any specific religious or political affiliations to her based on her public persona and content.

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Meg DeAngelis Net Worth

While exact figures for Meg DeAngelis’s net worth are not publicly disclosed and can vary depending on the source, it‘s clear that her career as a social media influencer and entertainer has been financially successful. Her primary sources of income likely include revenue from her YouTube channel, sponsored content, brand partnerships, and acting roles.DeAngelis’s YouTube channel, MayBaby, boasts over 5 million subscribers.

which translates to significant ad revenue potential. Additionally, her appearances in films like “Trolls” and “Dance Camp,” as well as web series such as “Royal Crush,” have likely contributed to her overall earnings.

Brand collaborations and sponsored content on her social media platforms, including Instagram, further supplement her income. While specific figures are not available, As of 2024, Meg DeAngelis’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million​. 

Meg DeAngelis Onlyfans

There is no publicly available information or indication that Meg DeAngelis has an OnlyFans account. Meg DeAngelis is best known for her YouTube channel MayBaby, where she posts content related to makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Meg DeAngelis leaks content focuses on providing entertainment and tips to her audience, and she has not publicly associated herself with platforms like OnlyFans, which are typically used for more adult-oriented content.

Meg continues to build her brand through more traditional social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, where Meg DeAngelis leaked maintains a substantial following and actively engages with her audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Meg DeAngelis?

Meg DeAngelis is a Canadian YouTuber, actress, and social media personality known for her lifestyle and beauty content on her YouTube channel MayBaby.

How old is Meg DeAngelis?

Meg DeAngelis was born on May 15, 1995, making her 29 years old as of 2024.

Where is Meg DeAngelis from?

Meg DeAngelis was born in Toronto, Canada, but has lived in various places including Europe and the United States.

What is Meg DeAngelis’s YouTube channel?

Meg DeAngelis’s main YouTube channel is called MayBaby, which has over 4.6 million subscribers.

What kind of content does Meg DeAngelis create?

Meg DeAngelis creates lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and DIY content on her YouTube channel, as well as vlogs and comedy sketches.

Has Meg DeAngelis acted in any movies or TV shows?

Yes, Meg DeAngelis has acted in several projects, including the YouTube Red original movie “Dance Camp” and the web series “Royal Crush”.

What is Meg DeAngelis’s real name?

Meg DeAngelis’s full name is Megan Nicole DeAngelis.

How tall is Meg DeAngelis?

Meg DeAngelis is 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters) tall.

Does Meg DeAngelis have any siblings?

Yes, Meg DeAngelis has a twin sister named Ashley and two brothers named Nate and Alex.

What is Meg DeAngelis’s ethnicity?

Meg DeAngelis is of Italian descent.

When did Meg DeAngelis start her YouTube channel?

Meg DeAngelis started her YouTube channel in 2008, initially posting gymnastics and cheerleading tutorials.

Has Meg DeAngelis released any music?

Yes, Meg DeAngelis has released music and performed songs at events like VidCon.

What is Meg DeAngelis’s net worth?

While exact figures vary, Meg DeAngelis’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of several hundred thousand to a few million dollars, primarily from her YouTube career and brand partnerships.

Does Meg DeAngelis have a college degree?

Meg DeAngelis attended the University of Central Florida briefly but left to pursue her YouTube career full-time.

What languages does Meg DeAngelis speak?

Meg DeAngelis speaks English fluently. There’s no confirmed information about her fluency in other languages.

Has Meg DeAngelis written any books?

As of 2024, there’s no information about Meg DeAngelis publishing any books.

What are Meg DeAngelis’s social media handles?

Meg DeAngelis can be found on various platforms, including YouTube (@MayBaby), Instagram (@megdeangelis), and TikTok (@megdeangelis).

Has Meg DeAngelis won any awards?

While specific awards aren’t widely publicized, Meg DeAngelis has been recognized for her influence in the digital space.

What brands has Meg DeAngelis collaborated with?

Meg DeAngelis has collaborated with various brands, though specific names aren’t consistently reported across sources.

Does Meg DeAngelis have a podcast?

As of 2024, there’s no widely available information about Meg DeAngelis hosting a podcast.

What is Meg DeAngelis’s favorite video she’s made?

Meg DeAngelis hasn’t publicly stated a single favorite video, as her content evolves over time.

Has Meg DeAngelis done any charity work?

While Meg DeAngelis likely supports various causes, specific charity work isn’t widely reported in available sources.

What is Meg DeAngelis’s filming setup?

Meg DeAngelis uses professional camera equipment for her videos, but specific details about her setup aren’t consistently reported.

Does Meg DeAngelis have any pets?

Information about Meg DeAngelis’s current pets isn’t widely available in recent sources.

What advice does Meg DeAngelis give to aspiring YouTubers?

Meg DeAngelis often encourages aspiring content creators to be authentic, consistent, and passionate about their work.

Is Meg DeAngelis single?

As of 2024, Meg DeAngelis’s current relationship status isn’t publicly confirmed.

How did Meg DeAngelis become a model?

Meg DeAngelis’s modeling career developed alongside her YouTube success, but specific details aren’t widely reported.

When did Meg DeAngelis start modeling?

The exact start date of Meg DeAngelis’s modeling career isn’t consistently reported in available sources.

Is Meg DeAngelis pregnant?

As of 2024, there are no credible reports of Meg DeAngelis being pregnant.

Did Meg DeAngelis have a baby?

There are no credible reports of Meg DeAngelis having a baby as of 2023.

Did Meg DeAngelis get married?

As of 2024, there are no credible reports of Meg DeAngelis being married.

Who has Meg DeAngelis dated?

Meg DeAngelis has previously dated singer Alex Aiono, but information about other relationships isn’t widely reported.

Who does Meg DeAngelis marry?

As of 2024, there are no credible reports of Meg DeAngelis being married.

How did Meg DeAngelis become famous?

Meg DeAngelis became famous through her YouTube channel, which she started in 2008 with gymnastics and cheerleading tutorials before expanding into lifestyle content.

Did Meg DeAngelis get plastic surgery?

There are no credible reports or confirmations of Meg DeAngelis having plastic surgery.

Last Update: June 22, 2024