Turkey’s music scene is a vibrant and diverse tapestry, blending traditional sounds with contemporary beats. In 2024, several male singers have risen to prominence, captivating audiences both domestically and internationally. This article delves into the careers and achievements of the top Turkish male singers of 2024, highlighting their contributions to the music industry.


Tarkan Tevetoğlu, often referred to as the “Megastar” or “Prince of the Bosporus,” continues to dominate the Turkish pop music scene. Born on October 17, 1972, in Alzey, West Germany, Tarkan’s career took off in the early 1990s. His unique blend of Turkish melodies with contemporary pop elements has earned him a massive following.


  • Over 30 million albums sold worldwide.
  • International hit “Şımarık” (1997), which topped charts in Belgium and was covered in several languages.
  • Multiple awards, including the World Music Award for Best Selling Turkish Artist (1999) and numerous Golden Butterfly Awards.

Popular Songs:

  1. “Şımarık”
  2. “Dudu”
  3. “Kuzu Kuzu”
  4. “Yolla”

İbrahim Tatlıses

İbrahim Tatlıses, also known as “İbo,” is a legendary figure in Turkish music. Born in 1952, Tatlıses began his career in the 1970s, performing at local weddings before gaining national fame. His emotive blend of traditional Turkish folk and modern pop music has made him a household name.


  • Over 40 albums released, many achieving multi-platinum status.
  • Iconic songs like “Dom Dom Kurşunu,” “Hani Gelecektin,” and “Şemmame.”

Kenan Doğulu

Kenan Doğulu, born on May 31, 1974, is a prominent Turkish pop musician. He represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, where he placed fourth. Doğulu’s music career began at a young age, influenced by his father, a Turkish composer.


Multiple hit albums, including “Yaparım Bilirsin” and “Simsiki Siki Siki.”

Collaboration with Sezen Aksu on the hit single “Çakkıdı.”

Married to popular Turkish actress Beren Saat.

Murat Boz

Murat Boz, born on March 7, 1980, in Zonguldak, Turkey, is a well-known pop singer and actor. He started his career as a backing vocalist for Tarkan before launching his solo career in 2006 with the album “Maximum.”


Numerous awards, including Kral TV Video Music Awards for Best Male Pop Artist.
Popular songs like “Adını Bilen Yazsın,” “Aşk Bu,” and “Janti.”


Yusuf Aktaş, better known by his stage name Reynmen, is a contemporary Turkish singer who first gained popularity as a vlogger and internet celebrity. Born in 1995, Reynmen transitioned into music by releasing songs on YouTube and other social media platforms.


Hit songs like “Derdim Olsun” and “Ela.”
Millions of views on YouTube, making him one of the most-watched Turkish artists online.

Serhat Durmuş

Serhat Durmuş, born in 1998 in Izmir, is one of the most listened-to Turkish artists globally. His song “Hislerim” received 288 million views on YouTube in 2023, showcasing his widespread appeal.


Performed at the opening ceremony for the Formula E races in 2022.
Known for his electronic and deep house music style.

Can Bonomo

Can Bonomo, born on May 16, 1987, is a Turkish singer of Jewish descent who represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. His unique style blends traditional Turkish music with modern pop and rock elements.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 representative for Turkey.
Popular songs include “Love Me Back” and “Meczup.”

Gökhan Özoğuz

Gökhan Özoğuz, born on October 11, 1976, is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Turkish ska-punk band Athena. He is known for his energetic performances and diverse musical influences, ranging from rhythm and blues to punk rock.


Founder member of Athena, a prominent Turkish band.
Known for songs like “Holigan” and “Tam Zamanı Şimdi.”

Mustafa Sandal

Mustafa Sandal, born on January 11, 1970, is a Turkish singer-songwriter who gained fame in the 1990s. His debut album “Suç Bende” was a massive success, followed by several other hit albums.


Hit songs like “Araba” and “Aya Benzer.”
Signed a contract with Sony Music, expanding his international reach.

Mert Demir

Mert Demir, born in 1993 in Istanbul, is a rising star in the Turkish pop scene. He started his musical career in 2017 and released his first album “Bak Kollarım Burada” in 2019.


Collaborated with Mabel Matiz on the hit song “Antidepressant.”
Known for his versatile style, ranging from R&B to arabesque.

The Turkish music industry in 2024 is brimming with talent, with male singers like Tarkan, İbrahim Tatlıses, and Kenan Doğulu leading the charge. These artists have not only captivated Turkish audiences but have also made significant strides on the international stage. Their unique styles and compelling performances continue to shape the vibrant and diverse landscape of Turkish music.

Last Update: June 8, 2024